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Small intimate Xero workshops, ask questions and receive personal attention. Seats are limited, so book yours now!

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Gilligan Sheppard is a different kind of accounting practice that does more than just accounting. First we listen. Then we provide a no-nonsense, cut to the chase solution that will be tailored to each individual circumstance and need.
We’re different. We challenge. We consider. Then - we deliver.
Gilligan Sheppard takes the time to understand each client and the particular challenges they face moving forward, given what they would like to achieve. We then methodically evaluate the options ahead, vigilantly considering the potential short and long-term outcomes, to ensure that you get the best possible advice.
And we deliver that advice in a very simple, straight-talking manner that will always clearly elucidate the decisions that need to be made. Some of our clients have called it a breath of fresh air, which is quite fortunate, because we are not terribly comfortable operating any other way.
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